Mont Saint Michel - France (von Jacob Surland)


Mont Saint Michel - France (von Jacob Surland)


On that note, I think I’ve found how the Hammer Phantom of the Opera could have been fixed- adding in Peter Cushing as Van Helsing.

Van Helsing: I’ve heard there’s a problem with malevolent ghosts at this opera house!  Not to worry, I’ve set up a trap here to catch ectoplasm.

Christine: But isn’t ectoplasm just a bunch of sheets dipped in goop and used by frauds?

Van Helsing: Trust me, I’m a Professor.


Lord D’arcy: This ghost is RUINING my opera!

Van Helsing: Actually, I think your firing everyone who won’t sleep with you is ruining your opera.

Lord D’arcy: YOU’RE FIRED!

Van Helsing: Oh good, I was rather dreading when you would put the question to me.


Van Helsing: Professor Petrie, I certainly sympathise with you having your music stolen, but abducting ladies is not the action of a gentleman.  And what about all the murders?

The Phantom: I didn’t do those- the mysterious dwarf who follows me around and obeys my orders while adding murder to them did!

Van Helsing: Well, I’ll certainly give you credit for coming up with the most creative defense I’ve ever heard.

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words to live by

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I have the best hairstylist ever


the silence of the lambs is literally just like„
Hannibal: some long, drawn out, fucking pretentious bullshit, he references some art work, says at least one fucking sentence in Italian
Clarice: Hannibal stop shut the fuck up I don’t care you’re under arrest

Hannibals like “im already in jail” but its too late shes putting handcuff on him through his cell and shaking her head


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i’ve never broken a bone so i’m probably indestructible 


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Special commission of a turtle pond in a large Altoids container.


  • The turtles, lily pads, and water lily were all handmade with polymer clay.
  • It has a sand substrate with rocks and moss for underwater plants.
  • This particular commission was made inside a large Altoids container.
  • The water is a clear resin.
  • Commissions are closed until August. Check back to see when they’re open again!